Can Cancer Drug Reverse Parkinsons Disease

A drug that’s already approved for treating leukemia appears to dramatically reduce symptoms in people who have Parkinson’s disease with dementia, or a related condition called Lewy body dementia. A Cancer Drug Might Reverse Parkinsons To get more Parkinson’s disease information, and to learn about the elder care options that are available to help you be a successful family caregiver, contact Alivity Care Advocates,¬†Beverly Hills elder care experts, today at (248) 375-9125. [Read More...]

Generic Drugs: Are they really equivalent?

In this eye opening report on generic medications, authors Janet L. Cummings, Psy. D. et al explore medication marketed as equivalent to its name brand counterpart and regulations surrounding that equivalency (or lack thereof). Read more in Generic Equivalents: We know they are generic but are they really equivalent? [Read More...]