Rebooting the Stair Climbing Wheelchair

wheelchair The wheelchair you see in the above pictures, called the iBOT, hit the market just 13 years ago. This machine allowed paralyzed people to stand up by rising to eye level and can even climb stairs! Unfortunately, despite the love the device received from its users, the iBOT was discontinued by Johnson & Johnson and went out of production in 2009. [Read More...]

Diabetes Overview and Current Research

Diabetes Overview: In the last decade, the number of people afflicted with diabetes has increased by almost 50%. More than 29 million Americans suffer from this disease. It affects more than 380 million people worldwide and the World Health Organization is estimating that this number will more than double by 2030. [Read More...]

Senior Driving – Functionality Over Age

Smiling senior couple enjoying a car ride Senior Driving: Treating health problems to improve function can help older adults drive safely. Age alone shouldn’t be a reason to quit driving… Instead, the focus should be directed towards the individual’s functionality. To increase the awareness of safer senior driving options that exist, AARP Driver Safety offers a variety of programs to educate older drivers. [Read More...]

Prescription Drug Addiction in Seniors

When one thinks of drug addiction, it is unlikely that the first thing coming to mind is the elderly. The assumption is that one may think of illegal drug use and the disease of a young person. Truthfully, there is a growing epidemic of addiction to prescription drugs among the senior population. [Read More...]