5 Tips to Assist in Protecting Elderly Parents’ Finances

December 5, 2019

A senior woman with her daughter online purchasing together One of the toughest struggles  and care for seniors is acknowledging the necessity for help with financial matters. Personal finances are both extremely personal and a representation of our independence, and adult children especially can often be met with opposition when stepping into the financial arena with their senior parents. [Read More...]

Is It Time To Hire A Care Advocate?

January 4, 2019

is it time to hire a care advocate
It can be difficult to admit that additional assistance may be needed when caring for a loved one. Sometimes, family members have formed routines to care for a loved one and do not have time to notice that additional help is needed. [Read More...]

Care Advocacy Benefits: Appointments and Medications

December 26, 2018

benefits of elder care advisors
Are you or someone you know struggling to manage personal appointments, work, and family while also managing the needs of a loved one? Are you becoming stressed or overwhelmed with all the time and effort put forth in balancing everything? If so, you may be interested in how elder care advisors can help.  [Read More...]

Care Advocate: What’s that?

December 20, 2018

senior care advocate
A senior care advocate, manager, navigator, professional, expert, senior living advisor… the term, regardless of what you may have heard, is relatively new. Care advocates are professionals that advocate for those in need. They advocate by managing and referring health or social care services while also guiding family members along the way. [Read More...]

4 Ways to Reduce Family Caregiver Stress

November 30, 2018

caregiver stress - nursing home advocate Family caregiver stress is not only unhealthy for you, it could also be unhealthy for the relationship between you and your loved one. These 4 tips can help reduce your caregiver stress and keep your relationship with your loved one going strong. [Read More...]

Elder Abuse in Senior Living Communities

November 9, 2018

Abuse does not always refer to black eyes and being pushed around. There are many types of abuse, some of which include: • Isolation • Financial • Neglect • Sexual • Emotional Most would associate abuse with females in relationships with men who try to control their every move and become abusive at the slightest sign of resistance, but that is not always the case. [Read More...]