elder care advisers

Helping You Find the Right Tools to Build a Better Life

For us, care advocacy is all about helping family caregivers, seniors, parents, and individuals in need find the tools they need to live the lives they want. There is no better feeling than when we are able to help relieve the stress and anxiety of the care process for a client. Read below to learn how our elder care advisers and advocates have changed the lives of some of our clients.

Having Alivity for an advocate made dealing with the personnel at the nursing home much more pleasant for me. After her meeting with the staff, I was greeted by name by everyone when I made my daily visits to (my wife). I particularly appreciated Alivity contacting hospice care and starting the wheels rolling for Medicaid funding. The hospice people were very helpful to me in the saddest time in my life. After (my wife) finally passed, Alivity sent me printed material to help me cope with my loss.

Richard C., spouse

I know my mother was in very capable hands which took the worry off my shoulders. The fact that the Care Advocate was a nurse, and knew what to look for and the correct questions to ask, was most helpful.

Donna, daughter

I found all services provided for me in the care of my parents helpful, but the personal care of Alivity in the past few years was invaluable to me. When I needed help and advice, you were there. You helped with evaluation of their needs, helped me choose a care facility, and our Care Advocate was so loving and caring over the years in medical supervision. She was a friend to Mom and Dad and to me.

Joyce, daughter

I have used Alivity since 1995 ... has been indispensable on many occasions. Their professionalism, competence, and caring attitude are exactly what any family caregiver needs.

Joseph, son

The positive, caring approach of Alivity tremendously eased my mom’s transition to assisted living.

Susan, daughter

Alivity was exceptional in their caring attitude and understanding of both my mother's condition (physical and mental) and needs, as well as our needs. Every patient (and family of the patient) would benefit from having the services and support of a Care Advocate like Alivity.

David B., son

(Alivity helped by) having an educated, thoughtful, objective opinion to assist in making the best of an otherwise extremely difficult situation. I live in Colorado - my mother and father live in Michigan. Your services were very helpful.

Barbara, daughter

Being an out-of-town only child of two parents who needed your services (the care Alivity provided) was very important to me.

Pam, daughter

Most helpful was being able to reach our Care Advocate easily and have her show up whenever I needed her. She showed me sympathy and gave me support. Thank you all for your precious help when I needed it at one of the most important times of life. I didn’t feel so alone.

Joyce, daughter

The patience and attention you give when you are visiting—you don’t rush through the visit.

Cynthia, daughter

Everyone was professional, showed integrity, and was delightful to work with.

Jeanette, daughter

Meeting with the nurses and doctors...rechecking, asking questions, reading charts gave us the feeling that the most was being done for my husband’s mother.

Jean, daughter-in-law

I like the way you respond so quickly to helping the family when they need help right away. (Most helpful was) the level of personal attention, genuine caring, and willingness to be flexible.

Ricka, daughter

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