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Taking the Complexity Out of Care

Finding the best resources and the right solutions for a particular care situation is complex. Putting together a care team that is appropriate for an individual takes:

  • Experience and knowledge of the local resources
  • Knowledge of the specific issue that causes the frailty
  • An understanding of how family resources can best be utilized

Alivity Care Advocates is dedicated to getting the answers needed to move care in the right direction while ensuring that you always have someone you can count on.

What Is a Senior Care Advocate?

Senior Care Advocates are highly trained health and human service experts who guide individuals in identifying their care needs and help them locate and manage the specific support services that ensure quality care and enhance wellbeing.

A senior care advocate can help navigate through the often overwhelming maze of available resources, select the housing and care providers that are right for a person’s needs, and provide supervision and follow-up to ensure that clients are receiving the very best care at all times.

Do I Need a Care Advocate?

There are millions of Americans who could benefit from working with a senior Care Advocate, including:

  • Family caregivers
  • Seniors in need of assistance and support, either at home or in a care facility
  • Patients with chronic care needs
  • Parents of children with special needs
  • Trust officers and court appointed guardians
  • Anyone who needs help finding the right care resources and managing care for themselves or a loved one

What Makes Alivity Care Advocates Different?

At Alivity, we’ve specially designed our services and our staff to ensure your every care need can be met. Our team consists of social workers and nurses with more than fifty years of combined, hands-on experience in care advocacy. Trained and experienced in performing assessments, developing care plans, working with and coordinating care with medical, legal and fiduciary professionals, our team helps find the solutions needed and strengthens the protection of patient rights.

We also own and operate Relevar Home Care, a professional home health care agency, which provides in-home care and support for a wide variety of medical and non-medical care needs.

No matter what type of care is needed, Alivity Care Advocates ensures that a client’s best interests are always in mind. Contact us today to learn more about our senior care advocate services that can help you find the best Beverly Hills senior care.