Posted on: December 20, 2017

This season do not forget to include your elderly family members. Just because they are older does not mean they cannot have fun too. Remember to include them in everything they are willing to participate in. Also most families have traditions they celebrate, or fun holiday activities so be sure to ask them to help! Traditions can include crafts, parties, holiday decorations, even food or holiday cookies.

The holiday season can bring on the ‘holiday blues’ because that senior could have lost a loved one or are alone. Whatever tradition you celebrate, holiday activities for seniors can add a little special fun. Crafts, special food, baking cookies, decorating the tree, even the smallest thing could help a senior feel so special and included. You don’t even have to just involve loved ones but you could maybe go to your local senior center, your church, even at your work maybe there are some seniors. Here are some fun holiday activities for seniors:

  1. Flower and Centerpiece Arranging: Have a flower shop, nursery or craft store come to your campus or group (or you can make a visit there) to demonstrate the art of flower arrangement, and putting together special holiday centerpieces. They may also have indoor plant and flower kits available as gift items, or as projects to do in the home or in a common area. If that is not an option then go get some flowers and centerpiece items and have fun with it!
  2. Make a Winter Scene Display: This could be done by going outside or even inside your home (wherever you have room) and hang twinkling lights, ornament balls, spray paint tree branches white, and cover everything in glitter. If this is something you want to keep adding to then bring it out every Christmas and add to it. It can be small or large depending on what you want.
  3. Create a Manger Scene: A unique manger scene can be a group effort with a little skill. Characters can be elaborate and made from papier Mache, or simply sewn dolls. The result can be a keepsake your group or community can have for years, and almost endless holiday activities for seniors for a long time to come. If being really crafty with it is not something you could see yourself doing then go buy a manger and a stable to put it in and actually set it out, reminisce about your faith and bring the manger to life.
  4. Holiday Craft Fair: This time of the year there are craft fairs/shows everywhere. The things that people bring to show off are endless. Just about every person there can find something; they make everything from jewelry to glass art. This is a fun thing you can do to get ideas for crafts, spend your money or even just look around.
  5. Make a Gingerbread House: This is a simple thing you can do and most grocery stores and craft stores sell kits for these. You can get the kit or buy your own supplies and go to town! Kids love to do these but really every one of all ages loves doing these. This is something so simple but it can bring out such creativity.
  6. Share Holiday Memories: This is a fun free thing you can do with a senior. Maybe you talk about your favorite Christmas gift you ever got, your favorite cookie or what you love about the holidays. This is an exciting and fun one because you can really learn something about someone else and it can help you two to bond.
  7. Holiday Concert or Show: This can be a holiday themed movie, or even at your local theatres there could be a holiday inspired show taking place. Such as: The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol. It could be a choir or concert taking place at your church, or a senior center, or your child could have a school event you could take a senior to.

Be sure to remember seniors this time of the year because they might think they are a burden to you, or a hassle but no one ever wants to feel that way. Make everyone feel special and included this year! Remember something so small to you could mean the world to someone else and really change their lives.