Posted on: August 6, 2020

Keeping Seniors Safe

After months of distancing, isolating and quarantining from family and friends, stay-at-home orders have been relaxed. But for seniors in particular, is it safe to consider venturing out?

Regrettably, there’s no cut-and-dry answer, and many different criteria should be taken into consideration to come to the best possible decision for every single person. For example:

  • Is the senior currently dealing with health conditions?
  • How challenging has it been for him or her to be isolated from family members?
  • Is the incidence rate of the virus waning or spiking in your community?

As a family caregiver, the best place to get started is sitting down and having a one-on-one conversation together with the older adult. In the event your loved one is adamantly and strongly set on a certain activity, for example, seeing the grandchildren or going on a walk in the neighborhood park, make sure he or she completely understands the possible risks involved.

Make sure you are up to date as well on the most current news from trusted sources on any new precautions and/or recommendations. Look at this information as just one part of your decision-making process, however, as opposed to an end-all perspective.

Then, broach the subject with the senior’s healthcare provider for an expert opinion and also for advice about weighing potential risk factors against the benefits associated with increased socialization and engagement in the community. You might also like to talk to other members of the family and carefully consider their input as well before making the final plan on how to proceed.

Most importantly, take plenty of time to make sure you are doing what is best for your loved one’s general health and wellbeing, instead of making a snap decision that you could later regret. If you are still uncertain in regards to what to do, it could be better to refrain from venturing out with the older adult for the present time and revisit the matter at a later time. And remember that you always have the opportunity to change your thinking if for any reason you are uncomfortable with your first decision.

Whether both you and your loved one are at ease with the decision to head out and about, or decide to continue staying at home, you can count on Alivity Care Advocates for trusted care management services and keeping seniors safe. Reach out to our Michigan care management team at (248) 375-9125  any time for more information.

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