Posted on: October 30, 2023

Alzheimer's Disease

Knowing the warning signs of Alzheimer’s can help in determining whether or not it is necessary to consult with a qualified physician. Here are the top 3 warning signs of Alzheimer’s.

1. Short-term memory loss

Someone suffering from Alzheimer’s may have a difficult time remembering information that was just given to them. They may also have a hard time remembering important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries or appointments.

2. Repeating

If short-term memory loss has begun, you may find someone with Alzheimer’s repeating themselves two or three times during a conversation.  They are not aware that they have already discussed certain topics.

3. Past due bills

The inability to maintain a budget may be a warning sign of Alzheimer’s. If it is noticed that past due bills are piling up, or services have been shut off, this could be a red flag that it is in connection to Alzheimer’s and not just missing a payment here or there.