Posted on: November 30, 2018

caregiver stress - nursing home advocate

Family caregiver stress is not only unhealthy for you, it could also be unhealthy for the relationship between you and your loved one. These 4 tips can help reduce your caregiver stress and keep your relationship with your loved one going strong.

Time for yourself

It is important to spend time doing things that you find enjoyable. Completing the same routine day in and day out can cause stress. Try to plan a day trip to your favorite city, plan a spa or golf trip with friends or read a book in a quiet room.

Set limitations

Make sure your loved one is aware of how much you are able to help. It is important to be able to help, but only to your ability, do not complete tasks that are above your skill level. Also, it is important to set limitation on the time spent caring for your loved one.


Sleep is one of the greatest tools to avoid stress. Make sure you are getting the suggested amount of sleep at night. Little sleep can cause lack of concentration and irritability


Proper nutrition can help you feel alert and energized. To avoid the convenient fast food drive thru line, try planning and preparing meals the night before. This is a more convenient and healthy option, not to mention, easy on the wallet.

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