Posted on: January 4, 2019

is it time to hire a care advocate

It can be difficult to admit that additional assistance may be needed when caring for a loved one. Sometimes, family members have formed routines to care for a loved one and do not have time to notice that additional help is needed. Below are the top 4 reasons it may be time to consider hiring a Care Advocate.


It may be time to hire a Care Advocate if you are uncertain what type of assistance your loved one needs and what they would benefit from most. It is obvious that they need the additional help, but you’re not sure where to begin.

Disagreeing Family

Family members may have different opinions on what is best for their loved one. Disagreeing on options does not benefit your loved one and could ultimately make the situation worse in the long run. A Care Advocate can educate family members on the needs of a loved one and also the best option(s) available for them.

Long Distance Family

If you and your loved one live in different states, a Care Advocate can help alleviate the concern of whether or not they are being cared for. Care Advocates make monthly visits, and can also manage and attend important appointments with a loved one to ensure their needs are being met.


If you are becoming stressed over managing the needs of your loved one while also trying to balance work, life and your own family, it may be time to hire consider a Care Advocate. Care Advocates allow family members to become family again instead of caregivers and appointment managers.

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